East Bohemia

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There is a place where people can draw closer to one another, while tilting their heads to be closer to heavenly light. www.east-bohemia.info

About the Skills of Men

Man is by nature an inventive and creative animal. Set out with us to the past and discover the story of human craft. May our first stop be the town of lace – Vamberk.

Chronicles say that lace has been made here for over 400 years, so you can be sure there are things to admire at the local Museum of Lace. For example, lace dresses or fashion and home accessories. And if you cannot understand how it is possible to lace those thousands of snowflakes together, you can try to make lace yourself. Do you say that you would not make a living doing this trade? What about becoming a shingle-maker, tinsmith, or cooper? You can take a peek into the workshops of tradesmen from the turn of the 20th century at the Letohrad Museum of Trades.

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A Brief Visit to the Handyman’s Workshop



Just walk in and feel it. The unique glass roof gives the simple interior a magical charm, and to you the intimate feeling of connectedness to a higher power. And when you have had enough, walk down to Bartošovice to a former farmhouse that has been renovated and now houses sheltered workshops. Pass by the blacksmith’s workshop to the outdoor furnace, where you will be welcomed, as is proper, with homemade bread. Now that you have eaten, you may feel strong enough to spin the potter’s wheel or make a basket. So run along and get to work!

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In Pursuit of Honey Sweets

Do you love sweets? Why even ask, right? Then set out with us to pursue the story of one of the oldest treats in the world – gingerbread! The first documented ancestor of today’s gingerbread was pulled out of an oven in ancient Egypt.

It was not so much of a sweet as a flatbread – sweet rye bread finely flavoured with honey and scented with pepper. It was pepper that gave this bread its Czech name, as “peperník”. The recipe travelled through the world until it stopped, with the name shortened to “perník”, in Pardubice, to become a traditional local delicacy. Take your children and together follow the peppery scent of Pardubice gingerbread all the way to the village of Ráby near Pardubice. The local Museum of Gingerbread, also known as the Gingerbread House, is looking forward to giving you a sweet welcome.

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